I-beam & Column

The I beam is the most commonly used beam in structural steel builds. The design and makeup contribute equally to making an I-beam capable of handling a variety of heavy loads. Because of the impressive load bearing capabilities, I beam are widely used in construction. I beam are classified by their material and dimensions. They come in a variety of weights, dimensions, and web thickness (the connection points). Builders will consider the needs of their particular project and choose an I beam that fits the characteristics they need, including deflection, vibration, bend, buckling, and tension. I beam are designed to resist bending, vibration, yielding, and reflecting due to their shape. I beam are usually lightweight and can be used for spans of nearly 100 ft. When ordering I beam, buyers will let the fabricator know the dimensions necessary for the project. We, Angel Sky Trading LLC have expert team who understand the need of the customers and provides material to them as per their requirement.