Our Product

Our Product Overview

We have been recognized as the noteworthy trader of an exclusive range of metal, steel and building material products which are highly appreciated and urged by our clients.

Copper & Nickel Cathode

Hands-on experience with the latest manufacturer and technology.

Zinc & Aluminum Ingots

Giving wings to the Client who’d like to take it up as a better and cheapest product.

Angels, Pipes & Plates

Providing better metal angels, pipes & plates at very low price.

Nickel Briquettes

These are known for tensile strength, efficiency, corrosion resistance and durability.

Brass Honey

Brass scraps Shall consist of mixed yellow brass solids, including brass castings, rolled brass.

Metallic Scrap

Quality metal can be substituted by recycling contaminated metal-containing scraps.

Steel Wire Ruds

The steel wire rods are developed under carbon grades, electrode grade, CHQ grades.

Steel Pipes & Plates

Steel pipes are commonly used in many industries, from scaffolding poles to sewage tunnels.

Steel Beams & Bars

A steel beam is a structural steel product that is made to support heavy loads.

I-Beam & Column

Beams and columns could be built using the same shapes and materials but each serves a different function and is designed differently.


Rebar, also known as reinforcement steel and reinforcing steel, is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used in reinforced concrete.

Wire Rope & Cables

Cable or wire rope is made when a group of strands is twisted around a center wire or rope. They are named for the numbers of wires and strands.

Pvc Resin

PVC-resin is made with suspen-iltion polymerization. It is one of the most widely used to manufacture plastic.

Plastic Granules

We offer high quality Plastic Granules. PP Granules have diverse uses in multiple industries.

Base Oil

Angel sky trading is a large independent trader of base oil products. We have effective logistical and storage capability.

Fuel Oil

The fuel oil trading desk combines global presence, market knowledge and efficient logistics to connect producers and end-users.

Gas Oil

Our oil & gas trading team has many years of experience working with government owned producers, leading oil traders.

Paraffin Oil

Paraffin oil is any solid or liquid mixture of purified saturated, aliphatic hydrocarbons (paraffins) obtained from petroleum.

Mix Hydrocarbon Oil

Mixed Hydro carbon oil is petroleum based product, having density 0.79-0.82. It is low density low viscosity product which is used as raw material. It is a mixer of various Oils which contains lighter fraction and heavier oil.